Advantages and Disadvantages of CAT-ASVAB | ASVAB Test New York

Advantages and Disadvantages of CAT-ASVAB

The computerized form of the ASVAB or the CAT ASVAB is taken at a Military Entrance Processing Station. Just like the paper-and-pencil version, this exam also has its share of pros and cons for the applicants who take it.

CAT is the acronym for Computerized Adaptive Testing. Going by the questions, it also involves the same set of questions as the other format comprising of a paper and a pencil. In fact, its questions are based on the proficiency or skill level of the applicants.

How CAT-ASVAB works

At first, an examinee gets a general question. If they answer it correctly, the next question provided to them is of a slightly advanced level. In the event the answer is incorrect, the next question is of a simpler level.

By contrast, an applicant gets easy and difficult questions in the pencil-and-paper version in a random manner.

Regardless of whether you take the computerized version of the ASVAB test in New York or the one featuring the use of a pencil, it is important to note that the harder questions fetch more points than the easier ones. So, chances are you might like to get to the questions of a higher difficulty level as soon as possible.

Plus Points of Taking The Computerized ASVAB

Given the fact that today’s world is the world of computers where almost everything works in the digital environment in some way or the other, younger applicants who aspire to build a career in the military prefer to take the ASVAB exam on a computer.

Interestingly, recruits end up scoring higher than their counterparts who take the other version of the test.

One of the obvious advantages of this format is that the applicants get to the difficult questions in quick time which maximizes the possibility of answering all the questions within the allotted time. Another advantage of this way of answering the questions is that it provides the ASVAB scores to the applicants along with the information about the suitable job positions for which they can apply on the same day.

Downsides of Taking the Computerized Version of ASVAB

Unlike the pencil-and-paper ASVAB, the computer variant of the ASVAB does not allow the candidates to skip the questions as they go about answering them. By virtue of this restriction, candidates are likely to find it even more challenging to answer the questions.

If answering all the easy questions before doing some head scratching on the difficult questions is a part of your strategy, you might like to consider going for the other version. Also, it necessitates a candidate to answer a question before the countdown ends. This means that you must possess a fine sense of judgment to figure out the length of time you are likely to take for answering each difficult question.