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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Pencil-and-Paper ASVAB Test

Across the US, a number of applicants take the ASVAB test involving the pencil-and-paper version as a part of the Career Exploration Program at high schools. Two key departments supervise this form of the ASVAB test: the Department of Defense and the Department of Education.

More than a military enlistment tool, counselors use it as a means to gauge the suitability of high school students for a career in the military and make career recommendations based on it.

Though not very common, an applicant can also take this version of ASVAB test by reaching out to a recruiter. However, they can do so only under certain rare circumstances wherein it becomes virtually impossible for them to go to the nearest MEPS location to take the exam. Suitable arrangements are made to administer the test locally.

Read on to know more about the pros and cons associated with the pencil-and-paper version of the test.

Advantages of Taking The Pencil-and-paper ASVAB

Speaking of the advantages linked to this version of the test, the biggest advantage is that it lets an applicant skip a few questions in the course of writing the answers and get back to them at any point in time before the submission of the answer paper. The CAT-ASVAB does not provide this feature to the candidate.

Furthermore, you can either circle or tick a question while skipping it and get back to it at the subsequent stages.

Downsides of Taking The Pencil-and-paper ASVAB

One of the serious downsides of it is that you have to figure out the easy questions and the difficult questions on your own. As a result, you are likely to spend more time in figuring out the easy questions due to which, you may end up running out of time.

Moreover, the optical scanning machine which marks the answers does not take the stray pencil marks and circles into account. Due to this, you may not get the marks for the questions that you answered correctly.

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