All about ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning in ASVAB

Probably the most difficult part of the ASVAB test. It is considered difficult because we normally skip such concepts at high school. And we have the leverage of choose and study during school days and we tend not to choose the reasoning part. ASVAB has an exclusive subtest for arithmetic reasoning and you cannot skip that. More good news is, the score in this section determines a higher ranking in the armed forces too.

Why is Arithmetic Reasoning Difficult?

Well, there are quite a few reasons to consider this section to be difficult. Firstly, the concepts are complex. Secondly, you got to be quick in understanding the problem. Most of the questions are word problems. You must not only understand the numbers present in the question but also the nature of the question that is explained through words. Lastly, the limited time. Yes, you are given 36 minutes to complete 30 questions. All these reasons collectively make it difficult.

How to comprehensively prepare for Arithmetic Section?

This section can be easily negotiated if you prepare the right way. We highly recommend you to seek ASVAB Study help. This can be done by joining an ASVAB study course. This has major advantages. You shall be taught the fundamentals by the experts. You can get to the preparation groove. More importantly, you can take as many practice tests as possible.

Joining the ASVAB course shall keep you on target. You tend to learn the new patterns of the test. Also, expert support in giving you vital feedback shall help you focus on weaker areas. As you start preparing through the best ASVAB study online courses, you shall be immensely benefitted.

Tips to Answer the Word Problems in ASVAB

  • Read the problem Properly: This is the fundamental of scoring high in arithmetic questions. It is required of you to read the questions properly. Get to know the facts, keep a pencil and paper handy. Note down the numbers and re-verify what the question states.
  • Ascertain the Question: As you read the question, ascertain what the question is all about. What is required to be found out?
  • Way to Answer the Question: Once you are done with reading, understanding and ascertaining the question, determine how to answer the question. As such, there are ways to answer different questions. A few may require you to solve, a few may also be possible by elimination technique. Determine that in this step.
  • Solve the Question: As you have determined the way to answer the question, choose the right option. Once you are done with that, please review your answer.

ASVAB requires you to prepare for this section extensively. Prepare a schedule and complete concepts. Once done, review the previous topics once again. Keep memorizing the formula. We recommend the usage of flashcards.

It is highly recommended you not study math but work out the problems. This shall help you to be gain momentum as you give the final exam.