All About ASVAB Word Knowledge

ASVAB word knowledge or the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery word knowledge is a sub-test area that is used to measure one’s knowledge of different words through their synonyms. The Department of Defence developed the ASVAB It is said to be well researched and an in-depth analysis of a person’s aptitude.

The test is used to gage a young person’s potential to be successful in military training. It helps in identifying the type of military job that would be best suited for a person.

Other Sub- test areas

Other sub-test areas are Verbal, Math, Science, and Technology.

Knowledge about Physical Science, Earth, Life Science, and Space is studied through General Science.

Arithmetic problems test one’s capability of solving such questions.

More about Word Knowledge

This test is used for assessing one’s skills in vocabulary.

If one takes the CAT ASVAB, they will get 8 minutes to answer 16 questions. If one takes the paper ASVAB, they will get 11 minutes to answer 35 questions.

One is required to demarcate words using their spellings and also know the meaning of various words.

The two important parts of this test are:

  • Definitions: In this section, you will be asked the definition of a given word.
  • Emphasized word: In this part, you will be required to assess the meaning of a word as it is used in a given sentence.

Well planned timetable

A strategy must be followed to excel at this test.

Step 1: Make a habit of learning common words that are asked in this test.

This can be done by practicing word knowledge tests online. These tests include words that have been asked in the ASVAB test.

Step 2: Thorough knowledge of word roots, suffixes, and prefixes

As new words are added to this test every year, not all words will be unfamiliar. Increasing your understanding of prefixes and suffixes can help you sail through the test.

Step 3: Start Using Thesaurus

This will help in finding synonyms of words and finally zeroing on the exact word. This could prove to be more helpful than a dictionary.

Step 4: Choose a customized word memorization plan

Try and find out activities that help in the learning process. These could be using new words for forming sentences or making flashcards. The former one works for me. Read the newspaper as well.

Step 5: The “difficult” word you can never memorize

There are often words that can never be memorized even after multiple study sessions. Try changing your study pattern in that case.

You can even use the following link to get help regarding ASVAB tutoring.

By following these tips, you can surely excel in the ASVAB word knowledge test! Good luck!