Dos and Don’ts of CAT-ASVAB | ASVAB Test New York

Dos and Don’ts of CAT-ASVAB

Does a career in the military excite you? The good news is that there are a number of individuals out there who share the same view. That said, it involves a number of challenges which tests the various skill sets of individuals. The first roadblock in the journey is the ASVAB test.

No matter what post in the military you are interested to apply for, going through the ASVAB test is mandatory. Applicants get their job roles based on the scores they achieve in the test.

As for the breakdown of the parts, the ASVAB involves 10 parts out of which four constitute the AFQT score. Recruiters use this score to determine the eligibility of a candidate for a particular branch of the military. The rest of the parts come in handy to ascertain the military jobs into which the candidates fit in the best possible manner.

You can either opt for the pencil and paper version of the ASVAB or the variant that involves the use of a computer. If you are taking the computer version of the ASVAB, you need to exercise caution as even a petty blunder can hurt your chances of qualifying through the selection process.

In order to make it simple and easy for yourself, it is imperative that you bear the following salient points in mind.

Consider Taking The Test in The Afternoon

Taking the ASVAB test in the morning can be stressful because generally those recruits who have already taken the test either get their physicals or prepare for shipping out. However, the atmosphere comparatively relaxed in the afternoon. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you should take the test at or after 2 pm.

Maintain Silence

Whether you taking your ASVAB test in New York or any other place, your military liaison will brief you on the things you must do while taking it. Be attentive when they speak. Make sure you receive proper information from them about the dos and don’ts. Avoid speaking to anyone other than those in the office. Better yet, make a point of maintaining silence. This will help you sail through the test without a hassle.

Refrain From Carrying Your Phone

On no account, you should carry the phone once you are signed in for the test. Even if you do, make sure that you inform your liaison about it and leave it in their office. If, despite all the odds, you happen to carry one inadvertently, switch it off and put it inside your bag before the representatives of the testing center come to know about it.

Do Your Best

Once you get into the ASVAB testing area, avoid saying a word. Though a computer machine will be allotted to you for CAT-ASVAB, you will also get a pencil and a piece of paper as the use of a calculator is prohibited inside the testing area. It will be timed and you will get multiple-choice based questions.

Relax and give it your best shot. Keep away from looking at others’ screen. Your score will be printed automatically once you finish the test. You will be just fine if you apply common sense and avoid making a nuisance of yourself.