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How ASVAB Scores Shape the Enlistment Opportunities in The Military

The ASVAB is the gateway to building a successful career in the military. For the applicants, both the test and the scores achieved in it have a direct bearing on the choice of department and profession in the military.  Some factors such as the academic qualification of the applicants also affect the placement of the recruits.

When the sum total of the ASVAB scores on all the subjects is taken together, it gives the score of the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) of an applicant. The recruiters use this score as the standard to recruit the applicants in the posts in the military.

A sound knowledge of the expectations linked to various military posts will help you make an informed decision with regard to your selection of a post in the military.

Air Force

High scores throughout one’s career constitute the basic requirement to get a call in the Air Force, especially for the applicants with a high-school diploma. Even as you have a diploma, your minimum AFQT score should be well over 36 to improve your chances of selection.

On the other hand, the applicants who have a GED are required to get over 65 in AFQT in order to give themselves a chance for recruitment, thereby making it very difficult for candidates with the degree to build up a successful career in the military.


A job hunter can apply for the position of the Navy with the minimum AFQT score of at least 35 provided he/she meets certain special conditions. However, for the applicants with the GED, it is mandatory to get 50 or above as their AFQT score.

Because the Navy is a competitive division of the military to enter, it is important to be well-disciplined. Keeping a clean record for drugs illegal activity is also one of the primary requisites for selection in this division.

The Army

Unlike the other divisions, securing good grades in the ASVAB gives a clear advantage to the applicants and paves their way for the selection in the military. A minimum score of 31 is mandatory for enlistment for those who have a GED. Good ASVAB scores can maximize your chances of getting the covetous E-4 ranking.

National Guard

Just like the Army, the National Guard division also welcomes applicants with n ASVAB score of at least 31. The advanced enlistment ranks are available, depending on the scores achieved by an examinee in the ASVAB.

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