How to Prepare for Math Section in OAR test?

The Officer Training program requires you to clear the OAR test with a good score. With thousands of aspirants applying for the test, only a few get selected. Of course, the test is a bit challenging. But, definitely not impossible to score well. Most of the candidates miss out on the arithmetic section in OAR. This blog shall help you get a clear understanding of the ways to prepare for the math section in OAR.

Top Ways to Prepare For Arithmetic Section

Though the concepts involved in the OAR syllabus is sheer basic, many candidates fail to latch on to the opportunity. In fact, the government allows you to take the test a maximum of three times. And getting a decent score on the test shall fetch you a bright future while you serve for the nation being in the US military forces.

Moreover, the officer aptitude rating test has the concepts designed in such a way that it tests your knowledge as well as intelligence blended with common sense. The reasoning part of the test is highly challenging and it is imbibed in every section of the test. Be it Math or reading comprehension, the test of reasoning ability plays a vital part. You must know the knack for preparing for mathematics as it is the most challenging section in the entire test.

Enroll for a Study Program: This is inevitable. Though you might be confident about the concepts and the syllabus, it is highly recommended to join a training course. It has multifold benefits. The mathematics section requires an expert to coach you on. It not only helps you learn the concepts once again but also understand different ways to solve a problem. The tips and tricks offered shall be valuable for your preparation and action. Most importantly, the training course shall create a sense of competition as you will be a part of a group that aspires to become an officer in the US armed forces.

Sketch a Schedule: While joining a training centre becomes important, you preparing yourself for the major test shall become mandatory. Create a proper timetable that includes preparation time and test-taking time. Do not forget to include the time that you will be attending the classes for OAR. The major impact of creating a schedule is, it offers you a strict plan to move ahead with the preparation. Further, monitoring the timetable with the tasks completed shall add impetus to your study program.

Work Out Problems: Mathematics cannot be learned by memorizing the problems. You must work out the problems and this shall help you build confidence to solve even the toughest of the problems that appear in the test. Most importantly, you must learn different ways to solve the problems and attempt the same while you take the practice tests. Remember, the OAR test is time-bound. You must be answering the questions correctly and that too in a short span. So, memorizing the formula shall help you get this done aptly.