How to prepare for the Math Section in the OAR test?

Every year thousands of aspirants appear for the ASTB test and OAR is a prime subset of the same. Out of the three core concepts, many find it difficult to crack the math section. Though the eligibility criteria to appear for the test requires a Bachelor degree, the failures are mainly due to a lack of basic knowledge in mathematics. This is a blog that shall help you overcome the problem comprehensively.

How to Score High in Math Section

OAR practice test might be the right option to understand your weaker areas. However, preparation is the key to appear for the practice test too. It is observed that most of the aspirants are scared of the math section. But, it is a myth. You can score high if you diligently practice the below-mentioned tips.

Do not Compromise on Fundamentals: As you start preparing for OAR, you must focus on every concept. Especially the basics need to be learned thoroughly. It is advised to every aspirant to memories the following to stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Squares Up to 30
  2. Cubes Up to 20
  3. Prime Numbers Up to 200

More importantly, get to know the square roots and cube roots of special numbers too.

At the same time, get to know the fractions up to 1/20 as well.

Memorize the Formulae but Understand the Concepts: Formulae to solve mathematical problems is the best way to save time. However, there are many concepts and each concept might have different formulas. Though you memorise the formulae, please understand the core concept. This will help save you if you forget the formula at any given time during the test.

Master Smart Ways to Solve the problems: This is of paramount importance. Please be noted that you have 40 minutes to solve 30 questions and it is not easy. There are several ways to solve problems; questions to answers, options to questions mapping. The latter shall be preferred by many as you negate the wrong options, in the beginning, to pick the right one as the answer.

Practice Daily: Mathematics can be mastered by practicing the problems daily. More importantly, you must work out the problems rather than reading from a book. Use flashcards as your memory device to remember the formulas too.

Identify the Weaker Areas: As you sketch your timetable for OAR preparation, please allow a good amount of time for practice tests. This will help you find out the areas that you are not sound enough. As you find that out, seek expert help or give a lot of focus in preparing the same to make it your strength.

Mathematics is a tricky subject and the options might mislead you most of the time. Understanding the core concepts by learning the basics can help you a lot during the exam. Moreover, enrolling yourself on online courses shall be of immense support too. This creates a competitive environment and you will be taking the tests without any apprehension.