How to tackle the Difficult Sections in ASVAB to Score the Best?

The Armed Services Vocational Battery test is the intense multiple-aptitude test battery in the nation to select the right professionals to join the US military forces. The subjects involved in it tests your academic knowledge as well as your general reasoning ability. You may be wondering what subjects are on the ASVAB to check for both these abilities. This article shall not only give the subjects involved in ASVAB but also vital tips to clear the difficult sections that feature in the test.

ASVAB Scores for US Army

                ASVAB Scores for US Army


Subjects in ASVAB

ASVAB test has 10 important areas of academic excellence tested duly. The course content is considered to be the most competitive one in the world. The main subjects are

  1. General Science
  2. Arithmetic Reasoning
  3. Mathematics Knowledge
  4. Word Knowledge
  5. Paragraph Comprehension
  6. Electronics Information
  7. Auto Information
  8. Shop Information
  9. Mechanical Information
  10. Assembling Objects

One must be thorough in all the subjects mentioned above to score the best in ASVAB. As you know, the higher the score in ASVAB, the greater the possibility to secure a higher rank in your career. While we listed down the subjects, the most difficult parts are Arithmetic Reasoning and Mathematics knowledge. Though the syllabus in both of them revolves around the fundamentals, many candidates miss out on getting shortlisted because of the same. The main reason is the method of preparation.

Let us the right methods to prepare for AR and MK so that you don’t fall under the category of failures.

Enrol for a Training program: You definitely require expert help to score well in these two sections. It is not about the concepts, but the ways to solve these questions matters a lot. You as an individual must answer these two sections effectively as well as efficiently. That means to say, write the right answers in less time. All this can be done only with the help of expert guidance. Further, a training institute shall conduct frequent tests and you shall get a hang of writing many tests before appearing for the final ASVAB.

Convert Weakness To Strength: With the feedback offered by the tutors in the classes or while discussing the practice test scores, you will get to realize the areas that you are weaker. You can focus a lot on those areas so that, you may not make the same mistakes in future. All the more, your weaker subjects can become a strength one day.

Use Flash Cards: The mathematics section shall have a lot of problems that involves formulas. You cannot solve those problems otherwise. It is recommended to memorise the formulas and keep the flashcards that can help you revise on the go as well.

Learn the Concepts and Not Formulas: This might be quite contradicting to the previous pointer. While there are formula oriented problems, there are mathematical problems that can be solved in different ways. For such cases, it is recommended to know the concepts thoroughly and does not use the formula. As such, concepts can win over a dire situation anytime during the test.