Maximize Your Chances of Achieving Your Targeted OAR Scores

If you have been dreaming of becoming a US Navy Officer, you may be delighted to know that you can make it a reality by clearing the OAR. As an applicant, you have two choices – you can either take the whole ASTB or exclusively opt for the OAR.

The OAR stands of Officer Aptitude Rating. As the name suggests, it is tailored for individuals who only have the aspiration of becoming an officer rather than pursuing a career in aviation. The test serves as the benchmark to anticipate the academic performance of an applicant in Navy OCS. As for the scores, it ranges between 20 and 80.

Areas covered in OAR Test

In the OAR test, the questions come under three main sections. These sections are as follows:

  • Math Skills Test (MST): This section includes word problem, fundamental arithmetic, algebra, angle and perimeter and geometry.
  • Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT): It comprises of the fundamental concepts of physics.
  • Reading Comprehension Test (RCT): In this section, the applicants are provided with a passage. They are required to pick a true sentence from the option given in the question paper.

As you can see, it looks simple on pen and paper. However, a systematic preparation, coupled with excellent guidance, is of paramount importance to succeed in this examination.

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