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Military Requirements: Minimum Educational Requirements and ASVAB Scores

The AFQT score, which is the overall score for qualifying for the armed forces, is the aggregate of the scores obtained by an applicant in Mathematics Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning, Paragraph Comprehension and Word Knowledge subtests. However, the minimum requirements of education and ASVAB scores may vary for different branches of the military.

The ASVAB score is the minimum AFQT score considered by recruiters to ascertain the eligibility of an applicant for various posts in the military.

Air Force

Going by the criteria for the selection of an applicant in Air Force, an applicant should obtain at least 31 AFQT points.

Speaking of educational qualification for a post in the Air Force, graduates have a better chance of selection in comparison to those who only have a GED. Even a high school diploma can improve your chances of selection.


The minimum ASVAB score required for a selection in the US Army is 31. Those who obtain 50 or a higher score are eligible to receive enlistment bonuses as well. If you have a college degree, you can make it to the Army with ease. In case you happen to have a GED, you can still get selected if you have college credits under your belt.

Marine Corps

For selection in the Marine Corps, you must have an ASVAB score of 32 and a high school diploma with a GED.  If you only have a GED, you must score 50 on the AFQT to joining the Marine Corps.

National Guard

An ASVAB score of at least 31 plus a high school diploma is necessary to get selected for this department. Even if you have a GED, you can still get selected provided you have an AFQT score of 50 or above.


In order to get selected in the Navy, recruits are required to obtain at least 35 points on the AFQT. Plus, a high school diploma or a GED with an ASVAB score of 50 can also come in handy for selection in this department.

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