Navy ASVAB Practice Test

Millions of candidates every year aspire to serve the nation in uniform. It is a pride for every aspirant to have the opportunity to be in the U.S military. ASVAB, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is a test conducted under the defense department for the candidates aspiring to join the services. ASVAB Practice Tests Navy is a special set of tests designed for aspirants to test their skills before going for ASVAB.

It is an aptitude test given at various schools and military entrance processing stations. ASVAB is conducted to test a candidate’s appropriate skills and to judge whether he is fit for the military services and which role is best suited for the particular individual. Navy ASVAB recruits candidates into the naval branch of the U.S armed forces. Various Navy ASVAB Practice Tests are available online for candidates to test their skills before going for the ASVAB.


  • To join the Navy, one must fall under all the eligibility criteria provided. The minimum criterion that every candidate must fulfill to join the navy is to get at least an AFQT of 35 out of the maximum marks in ASVAB. Once the marks criterion is met, candidates are required to fulfill some other criteria as well.
  • To join the navy, one must be at least 17 years of age and not more than 34. And to join as an officer the age limit is from 19 to 35 years.
  • To serve as a sailor, one should be a citizen of the U.S. If the candidate is not a U.S citizen, he must hold a green card or a permanent resident visa and must have a home of record in the U.S. But to be an officer, one must be a citizen of the U.S.
  • The Navy has a strict zero-tolerance policy against drug abuse and alcohol.
  • One must have a high school diploma or any other high school equivalent degree. To be an officer, a four-year BS or BA degree is mandatory.

Navy ASVAB practice tests, just like the ASVAB comprises two major sections namely AFQT and Extra Sections which are further divided into more sections.

AFQT Sections

  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Mathematics Knowledge
  • Word Knowledge
  • Paragraph Comprehension

Extra Sections

  • General Science
  • Auto and Shop Information
  • Mechanical Comprehension
  • Electronics Information

The candidates are also divided into categories based on their AFQT scores and the passing criteria for the various branches are different. They are:

  • The air force has passing marks of 36 for diplomas and 65 for GED.
  • Army has passing marks of 31 for diploma and 50 for GED.
  • For Coast Guard, passing marks is 40 for diploma and 50 for GED.
  • For Marines, the criteria marks are 32 for diplomas and 50 for GED.
  • To become a National Guard, the minimum passing marks is 31 for diploma and 50 for GED.
  • To join the navy, as already stated one should get a minimum of 35 for a diploma and 50 for a GED.

Though it is told that the ASVAB test is pretty tough, one can clear it easily with the proper preparation and correct strategy.  One should wisely choose a study guide according to their needs. ASVAB practice tests navy has proved to be of great help to those who want to clear ASVAB and join the navy.  Various websites and applications are available that provide the candidates a wide range of test papers to practice and the proper study guidance. At the end of everything, it finally depends on the candidate’s hard work and dedication. ASVAB test is nothing but an aptitude test to see whether the individual applicant has all of it that takes to be an officer and serve the nation in uniform. It is always advised that the candidates should take the practice tests as they help them to keep a watch on their progress and always keeps them a step ahead. So, the Navy ASVAB  practice test is a great way to take yourself a step closer to be a part of the U.S Navy.