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Policies and Administrative Procedures of the ASTB

The ASTB is an acronym for the Aviation Selection Test Battery. It is administered at numerous custody sites, including Navy Recruiting Districts (NRDs) and Marine Corps Officer Selection Offices (OSOs). Although the test is mainly administered via a paper format, sometimes it can also be done by using a computer.

The Commandant Marine Corps and the Navy Personnel Command makes use of the ASTB for the selection of candidates for the pilot and flight officer programs for Marine Corps and the Navy. The marks obtained in some parts of it are also used in the recruitment of applicants for Officer Candidate School (OCS).

Policies and Administration Procedures

As already mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the ASTB may be conducted either by using a pencil and paper or with the use of a computer; the former is more commonly used in comparison to the latter.

The test involves three versions namely Form 3, Form 4 and Form 5. Each of the formats is based on the same format, the number of questions and subtests, the pattern of questions differ from one another. The applicants are required to answer the questions within 2.5 hours.

Retest Policy

The retest policy provides applicants with the opportunity to appear for the test once more to improve their scores. However, the candidates who wish to take a retest are required to wait for the 31 days from the actual date when they had taken their Form 3 test. In such a scenario, a candidate can take Form 4 and 5 in their second testing session. A candidate is allowed to take a test for a maximum of 3 times from the actual day on which they had taken the first test. The third and the final attempt at all the three forms of the test is administered on the 91st day following the date of the first retest.

Apart from the cap on the number of times a candidate can take the test, there is also a provision prohibiting a candidate from taking a test too early. If a candidate takes the test earlier than the completion of at least 31 days, it is considered as an illegal test.

An illegal test can kill the chances of making it to the final selection list of candidates in two ways: the scores received by a candidate in the test is not considered for selection but it is counted as one of the three attempts made by a candidate to take the test.

So, it is strongly recommended that a candidate should exercise caution while making a decision to take a retest. If you have questions or queries regarding ASVAB Test in New York, feel free to contact ASVAB Tutoring at the earliest. From training to course materials, we provide a comprehensive solution to building a successful career in the military.