Some FAQS Related to ASTB and ASTB-E | ASVAB Tutor New York

Some FAQS Related to ASTB and ASTB-E

Some FAQS Related to ASTB and ASTB-E | ASVAB Tutor New York

Some FAQS Related to ASTB and ASTB-E | ASVAB Tutor New York

The requirement for the selection of individuals in officer ranks based on their skills and qualifications has been in place well before the onset of the Second World War. In fact, the US Navy has been implementing standardized tests since to anticipate the success of a candidate in flight training and other occupations associated with it.

If you are desirous of becoming an officer, there are certain important things you should know. These are discussed below.

  1. Is it Mandatory to Take The ASTB-E for Joining The US Navy?

ASTB-E is mandatory only for those candidates who have the ambition to become an officer in the US Navy. Other enlisted applicants are required to take only the ASVAB.

  1. What is The OAR? Is It Necessary to Take The Entire ASTB-E?

The OAR is the acronym for the Officer Aptitude Rating. It is a major aspect of ASTB-E and involves subjects like the Reading Comprehension Test, Mechanical Comprehension Test and the Math Skills Test. While ASTB-E is a must for applicants who wish to be a part of aviation programs, those who are aiming at commissioned officer’s positions in the US Navy can just take the OAR instead of the entire ASTB-E.

  1. What are The Fundamental Requisites for Getting Selected As An Officer?

There are three fundamental requirements for OCS or Officer Candidate School. These are as follows:

  • US Citizenship
  • A bachelor’s degree
  • 19-35 years of age

Apart from the above-mentioned criteria, it is also important to get a green certificate on a thorough background investigation which involves a comprehensive investigation of an applicant’s record pertaining to law violations, financial records and drug use. You can get to know more about this from one of your local USN recruiters.

  1. Do you Need to Pay Anything to Take The ASTB-E Test?

Taking the ASTB-E test is free of cost for all applicants.

  1. How Many Times Can One Take The Test in One’s Lifetime?

One can take the test for a maximum of three times in one’s lifetime. Further, the dates for the test must also be within 3 months or 90 days from one another. No request for a waiver is entertained.

Have more questions in mind? Contact ASVAB tutor in New York for more information.

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