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Tips To Do Well in Mathematics Related Subjects of The ASVAB Test

The results obtained in the ASVAB test is of paramount importance to an applicant as it not only shows their suitability or eligibility for a post in the military but also helps advance and build their career in this field.

One of the imperatives on the part of an applicant is to ensure that he/she achieves good scores in all the eight subtests. Out of the eight subtests, the following four hold a special significance:

  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Word Knowledge
  • Paragraph Comprehension
  • Mathematics Knowledge

As it is evident from the above, two out of the above subtests involves mathematics. Thus, it is essential for a candidate to invest enough time so they get adequate practice and focus on the principles related to mathematics. For doing well in mathematics – which generally involves calculations – there is no substitute for practice as only practice will make one perfect.

A candidate who is desirous of achieving higher scores in mathematics needs to do more than practice. Given the fact that the time given to the candidates to answer the questions of the ASVAB test is limited, it is strongly recommended that applicants should have a plan in place beforehand. Here is what one should do while answering the questions related to mathematics in the examination center.

Read the Questions Thoroughly

It is a good idea to form an estimate of what amount of time you should spend on answering the questions of various subjects. Because mathematics primarily involves calculations, it is imperative that you spend some time in reading the questions until you are sure about it. Do not worry even if it takes a few more minutes of your exam time to understand the question. Remember that knowing what needs to be done will win you half the battle in mathematics.

When working out the calculations, remember the order of operations: parentheses, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. Follow this sequence while solving the questions related to mathematics.

Do you need help with mathematics?

Unlike other subjects, it is easier to achieve higher scores in mathematics by means of a systematic preparation and proper execution of your strategy. Want to know how? Reach out to our experienced ASVAB tutor in New York for help or assistance.