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Course Desscription


Planning to become an Officer in the Navy? Then we can help prepare you for The Officer Aptitude Rating test (OAR). OAR is for the individuals who only want to become an officer, rather than pursuing the career in aviation.

ASVAB Tutoring has streamlined the process of learning for aspiring students to qualify in a test by its effective training methods. Students will be updated with new concepts and strategies in becoming a prospective Navy Officer. You will get critical information regarding this field from our experienced faculty.

What are the Areas Covered in the OAR Test?

There are three main sections which are covered in the OAR Test.

  • Math Skills Test (MST): Basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, angle and perimeter, distance and the word problem.
  • Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT): Basic knowledge of physics and its relation to velocity, pressure, and volume, as well as mechanics of the simple machine.
  • Reading Comprehension Test (RCT): Be able to read a passage of text and find one true sentence from the given option.

What is the OAR test for?

The Test predicts the academic performance in Navy Officer Candidate School (OCS). The score range of the OAR Test is from 20 to 80.

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