All About ASTB and Its Test Formats ASVAB New York

All About ASTB and Its Test Formats

All About ASTB and Its Test Formats ASVAB New York

All About ASTB and Its Test Formats ASVAB New York

ASTB stands for Aviation Standard Test Battery. It not only puts the skills of the applicants to test but also separates the finest and qualified individuals from the rest of the candidates who take it. The procedure for the prediction of candidate success in the US Navy and other occupations related to aviation has been in place for years.

Spanning over 60 years, the standardized testing procedure has made way for the current ASTB-E which serves as the benchmark for the selection of college graduates for official positions at the entry level.

Though most of the things have remained same over the years, minor changes have surfaced in the question pattern of the test post the implementation of the modern ASTB-E in 2013. The current version of the test involves multiple choice questions from various subjects ranging from general aviation concepts to spatial awareness.

Taking the ASTB-E test is a must for those who have the aspiration of becoming an officer. The scores from the test are used as the criteria to judge whether or not a candidate suitable in accordance with the standards for officer training. The candidates are offered job positions depending on their scores in the test.

Not only Marine Corps but the Coast Guard also picks up candidates for flight officer training and pilot training by virtue of this test. Besides, it is also partly used in the selection of non-aviation officer of the latter.

Various ASTB-E Tests for The Selection of Applicants

In order to get selected, a candidate is expected to get the requisite scores in the following tests:

  • Math Skills Test
  • Reading Comprehension Test
  • Mechanical Comprehension Test
  • Aviation & Nautical Information Test
  • Naval Aviation Trait Inventory
  • Performance Based Measures Battery
  • Biographical Inventory with Response Verification

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