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Those who want to be the part of U.S Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps can utilize the help of ASVAB Tutoring. We provide ASTB (Aviation Selection Test Battery) Test tutoring to optimize their chances of being placed in the programs of their choice.

ASVAB Tutoring strives to provide the best for its aspiring students by developing and honing their skills in an efficient manner. We will ensure that candidates are updated with all the necessary information. We will prepare them in achieving their dream as a Navy Officer or Navy Airman. Whether you want to be an Officer Candidate School (OCS) Student, Student Naval Aviator or Student Naval Flight Officer – we will provide you with a specialized program matching your desire and skills level, ensuring your achievement.

ASTB Section and Layout

ASTB has a total of 7 sections. To qualify as an officer, you will need to complete the first 3 sections of ASTB that are known as OAR (Officer Aptitude Rate).

  1. Math Skills Test (MST): You have to know basic arithmetic, algebra and geometry, requiring you to be knowledgeable in angles, perimeters, distances and word problems.
  2. Mechanical Comprehension Test (MCT): Basic knowledge of physics and its relation to velocity, pressure and volume, as well as mechanics of simple machines.
  3. Reading Comprehension Test (RCT): You will have to read a passage of text and answer multiple questions based on the details of the passage.
  4. Aviation and Nautical Information Test (ANIT): You will need to be knowledgeable in nautical terminology, aviation history, and principles of aviation.
  5. Naval Aviation Trait Facet Inventory (NATFI): A personality inventory that assess the suitability for a career in aviation on basis of personal characteristics.
  6. Performance Based Measures Battery (PBM): You will be required to do a flight simulation.
  7. Biographical Inventory and Response Validation (BI-RV): No preparation is needed – you will be required to give honest answers. You will get questionnaires about your experience, achievements and success in aviation.

ASTB Scores

ASTB Scores are divided in 4 different rating sections – AQR (Academic Qualifications Rating), PFAR (Pilot Flight Aptitude Rating), FOFAR (Flight Officer Aptitude Rating), and OAR (Officer Aptitude Rating).

Scoring Guide:

  1. Student Naval Aviators (SNA): You need to score AQR: 4, PFAR: 5
  2. Student Naval Officer (SNO): You need to score AQR: 4, FOFAR: 5
  3. Marine Pilots and Marine Flight Officers: You need to score AQR: 4, FOFAR: 6
  4. Coast Guard and OCS: They need to score AQR: 4, PFAR: 5
  5. Navy OCS: You need to score QAR: 35

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