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Serving your country is very honorable and patriotic act. You will protect and defend democracy and come to the help of the needy. However, before you are given the chance to serve our country, you will need to prepare yourself for the journey. The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) Test will determine your candidature to apply for the Department of Defense in the US.

How Does ASVAB Tutoring Help You?

ASVAB Tutoring helps you to fulfill your dreams by ensuring that you cover all the important areas to enlist yourself in the US DoD. It prepares you for the area of defense you strive for. During the course, you can hone your skills and learn different strategies to cracking the Military Entrance Test (MET).

What Are the Areas Covered ASVAB Tutoring?

Let’s check the areas that ASVAB Tutoring prepares you for:

  • General Science: Covers all parts of high school level science to help you to answer with confidence
  • Word Knowledge: Improve ability to understand different words through their synonyms and roots
  • Arithmetic Reasoning: Build skills to solve basic arithmetic and word problems
  • Paragraph Comprehension: Improve ability to understand specific written material
  • Electronics Information: Improve ability to understand electronic systems, electrical circuits, and electrical devices
  • Auto and Shop Information: Improve automotive maintenance and repair, wood and metal shop skills
  • Assembling Objects: Learn how to measure objects and understand spatial relations
  • Mathematic Knowledge: Build knowledge regarding mathematical concepts and application

What is ASVAB Score?

The most important part in ASVAB score is AFQT (Armed Force Qualification Test). It determines your eligibility to enlist in U.S Army. The score also determines the bonus and incentives you can be qualified for in your enlistment contract – the higher your score, the higher rewards you can qualify for. ASVAB can be converted into 10 other composite score areas known as “line scores” that determine what MOS an individual may qualify for. Listed below are the parts of the ASVAB that affect your AFQT test scores and each of the ten line scores.

  1. Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) – Paragraph Comprehension, Word Knowledge, Mathematics Knowledge, and Arithmetic Reasoning.
  2. Clerical (CL) – Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Arithmetic Reasoning and Mathematics Knowledge.
  3. Combat (CO) – Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Auto & Shop and Mechanical Comprehension.
  4. Electronics (EL) – General Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge and Electronic Information.
  5. Field Artillery (FA) – Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge and Mechanical Comprehension.
  6. General Maintenance (GM) – General Science, Auto & Shop, Mathematics Knowledge and Electronics Information.
  7. General Technical (GT) – Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension and Arithmetic Reasoning (AR).
  8. Mechanical Maintenance (MM) – Auto & Shop, Mechanical Comprehension and Electronic Information.
  9. Operators and Food (OF) – Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Auto & Shop and Mechanical Comprehension.
  10. Surveillance and Communications (SC) – Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Arithmetic Reasoning, Auto & Shop and Mechanical Comprehension.
  11. Skilled Technical (ST) – Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, General Science, Mechanical Comprehension and Mathematics Knowledge.

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