Being a multi-aptitude test that is taken by students of over 14000 schools and Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) across the country, it is rather very important for one to take up a very efficient ASVAB test prep before the exam. This test looks out for your aptitude skills for your future success in academic or vocational endeavors. Thus it becomes a lot more important to take rigorous ASVAB test prep.

Check your eligibility

As the first step of taking the ASVAB test prep, you might want to start by knowing about your eligibility. It is essentially a recruiter who would help you determine the same. The factors that play a major role here include age and health. However, any criminal record under your name might lead you towards disqualification from joining any of the branches. Although, if you qualify these criteria, you would be further prepared to select a date and time for your ASVAB test.

Learn to use your time efficiently

Further, into the ASVAB test prep, you must keep in the notice the question patterns and the section-wise divisions of the question paper that you would need to thoroughly go through. You would need to stick to a rigid schedule and time yourself for the exam. The paper-and-pencil variation of the test that takes place at a Mobile Examination Test (MET) site generally allots a time frame of 3-4 hours for the exam. However, on the other hand, the time allotted for the CAT-ASVAB might vary from time to time. The CAT-ASVAB test is one of adaptive nature that sets the standards of the next questions depending on your answers for the previous one. This usually leads to the finishing of this exam in about half the time as required for the P&P Version. Thus you would have to take your ASVAB test prep accordingly.

Plan your prep

After looking into the pattern of the ASVAB test, these are a few features or types of questions that you should include in your ASVAB test prep:

  • Multiple Practice Questions from all the sections
  • Lessons covering all the topics.
  • Take help of video tutorials
  • Use flashcards while you prepare

This way you get to design an efficient ASVAB test prep course that would eventually help you qualify for the examination.


In the end, you must familiarise yourself with the probable contents from the ASVAB sublets and take sample questions to freshen up what you have learned for the test. You must have faith in your personalized ASVAB test prep and take the exam with full confidence.