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Interesting Facts Related to The AFOQT Test

The AFOQT, also known as the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, bears a number of similarities with the ACT and SAT. Apart from a benchmark for the measurement of aptitudes, it is also utilized to screen applicants who are interested in building a career under officer commissioning programs like Air Force ROTC (Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps) or OTS (Officer Training School).

The test is mandatory for students who have acquired a scholarship or for cadets who belong to the POC.

The AFOQT comprises a prediction. It lends a helping hand for taking personnel decisions by providing for the measurement of the aptitude skills of applicants. Besides assessing the requisite aptitudes of student pilots, it also serves as the criteria for navigators, officers in general and students in technical training.

Here are some interesting facts related to the exam.

  • No matter what the program for which an examinee applies, it is mandatory on their part to answer the questions from all sections as given in the question paper while taking the exam.
  • An applicant is only allowed to take the test for a maximum of two times.
  • Though candidates are allowed to take a retest of AFOQT, there is a waiting period of 180 days or 6 months between the two tests. A retest taken by a candidate prior to the period is considered invalid.
  • The scores of the AFOQT as secured by the candidates never expire. However, only the most recent one is taken into consideration.

The maximum time allotted for taking the test is 3.5 hours. That is to say, the applicants are required to answer all the questions from 12 sections within a timeframe of 210 minutes. It may sound like a simple task, especially given the number of minutes the applicants get. However, those minutes can go by very quickly.

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